Thursday, December 15, 2011


What is it about cats that makes them so amusingly territorial? I just pulled down the plastic bins containing my winter clothing. No sooner did I have one opened, than Cooder wafted in to settle down into one of them and watch the proceedings of my sorting.

The rainy weather was back today, although there was a glimpse or two of blue. In years past, tomorrow or Saturday morning I would be heading for California. Not so this year. This will be a different experience for me as it has been many many years that I have not been with my family. My mother is a bit worried about me being alone on Christmas. I suppose I am worried enough about myself that Christmas just seems like another day to get through. Which, in reality, it is.

There is a pull to stop writing these days. Keeping a perspective on the changing nature of life is not easily mastered at this moment. My instinct is to curl up in the fetal position for awhile, maybe a long while (no, not the big dirt nap). I've got that hidey-hole feeling.

Taz. Pomeranian mix. 
However, experience reminds me that that behavior is unlikely to change either my attitude or situation, so I will work on another couple of steps for today, maybe some breathing, and maybe a bath. And hope that Scarlett O'Hara was right.

Meanwhile, some subway pictures and the cutest dog on the planet, maybe.

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