Friday, December 16, 2011


I  made bread again today. Not sure if it came out better or worse, but it was different. When baking bread, it is particularly difficult to remember that it is a process, not an event of bread making. And there is much to learn about being a good bread baker. And I have, to quote the Carpenters, only just begun. It looks good though. A bit darker than the previous loaf. I keep wishing it were sourdough. Maybe next year. The fellow who invented this recipe wrote a book on pizza which comes out in the Spring. Pizza dough making is on my list.

One step at a time. I am less likely to trip at that rate.

I was all geared up in my head to do some thinking and writing this evening. But I met up with my friend Jason S, whom I had not seen nor spent any time in a long time. He was kind and generous enough to treat me to a scrumptious dinner and drinks at a fancy Smith Street place. Living in Park Slope, I had forgotten about the beautiful young people of Brooklyn.

My mission to get goods posted on and ebay was furthered today. (Cooder is clawing things so that I understand she is in need of Greenies or pets.) As I had to move the car, I cruised over to Staples and then thought I might as well go to Ikea for inexpensive lighting options. That was kind of cool. Here are some shots:

This is the view out the window. 
This is a parking lot view.

This one, too. Might be my favorite.

Flying the Ikea colors!

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