Saturday, December 24, 2011


Oh yes, another trying day. But it is not trash time and there is minimal noise out there. Not all-is-calm-all-is-bright grooviness, but all the denizens of Christian culture are tucked in (except for those frantically shopping at Macy's maybe).

I've been up and down all day, the worst part of the day had me eating a large amount of contraband potato chips. I feel sick and guilty. But that's over.

I woke up with Emmylou stretched out as straight as a stick next to my head. Melinda colored my hair this morning. Now how bad could it be? Free, greatly needed hair color without even having to get out of my jammies. I did some work. I took a nap. And then, even though we three cool cats were quite cozy, I got up and took my park perambulation. I even took a slightly different route. By the time I got to the park, I missed most of the good light, but I got at least one decent shot.

And thank you for asking. I am on the downslope side of Park Slope here. Crossed over, so to speak. I see it as a good thing that I am expanding my daily (kinda) constitutional. There were plenty of people and dogs in the park, lots of hardy folk exercising their willpower and exercising.

And, I realized I had a free bottle of wine coming to me at Slope Cellars. They punch your card every time you buy wine and when you get ten, you get a bottle of equal or lesser value for a dollar. I had been holding on to a full card for a special occasion, and this is the time. Now, I call that luck! Because I really wanted some wine and now I am drinking it. (Maybe it will cut through some of the grease of the stolen potato chips ... Jean ValJean anyone?)

Yes, she is quite cute.
And so the Christian culture holiday is almost over. I'm going to start another loaf of bread, give Tupie his shot, and work on getting my house ready for my mid-week overnight visitors. The weather is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow, so after my photo shoot of soon-to-be-for-sale items, I might take a longer walk and think about whether I can really afford to have the traditional New York City Christmas meal of Chinese food.

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