Monday, December 19, 2011


Pam is still with us, at least she was as of this afternoon. She posted on FB:

Update - blood transfusion helped but still bleeding internally. Took pain pump away and pain from broken ribs is insanely intense!! Waiting for surgeon to fix finger. I get to take a shower in a little while:o) and the flowers and decorations in my room are awesome! Thank you all so very much!

I still don't know entirely what is going on, but she's still in there fighting.

Yesterday evening the upstairs nabes had a dinner party. I ended up running up and downstairs a bunch helping with various aspects of the cooking. Fun, delish dinner and the peeps were cool. When I came downstairs, I had had just enough wine to not want to write. And I have been struggling along with that anyhow.

I'm not wallowing, but I am also not focussed. In the midst of ... something good, I think. I'm going to get ready for bed now as I have a busy day tomorrow with various errands.

Saturday, when I still in my good mood, I took some photographs.

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