Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Taking a hate break, or a break from the hating of housekeeping or the hating of how much stuff I have and how I need to get rid of it responsibly and not just burn down the apartment. (The kittehs would not like that.)

B&N are headed down to visit Brooklyn tonight. This is great in that it utterly encourages me, nay, forces me to make my living quarters more livable. And that's a good thing for all human and feline kind. Emmylou is much enjoying the hurrying and scurrying about, though she is not as fond of the vacuum cleaner (amazing how much better they work when you clean the filter, innit?)

Well, time to put on another fun cd (last one was I. K Dairo and His Blue Spots). Emmylou has calmed down for an afternoon nap. Too bad I am not doing sedentary work at the moment.

So that was December 28th. And now it is the 30th.

Today's bread.

B&N were lots of fun. Quite taken with the kittehs. N insisted on getting to know Cooder, something many consider foolhardy. He proclaimed Cooder to be sweet. Okay, then. And, as good godparents, they played with Emmylou until she could no longer participate. Yes, she, too has an exhaustion point. As N was taking out his contacts, bent over the sink, he felt something touch his cheek. Emmy was perched on the side of the bathtub reaching up to him to see what he was doing.

I am not particularly inert. I am down-ish but not really depressed. I have moments of optimism, still. This whole week has been so strange, as I have not been, as I mentioned before, here much. The relative quiet has continued on the street. The whole tone of time is a combination of hushed and resigned waiting, although that might just be me. I was even able to move from my parking space and return to the same one three times today. That is a rarity.

Emmy enjoys the laundry bag.
Except for today, I have been walking out walking. Today, I ran out to Newark Airport to pick up B and AJ. Since then I have done laundry and made more bread. I had to go to the big megapalooza laundry center so that I could wash rugs. But hey! It is done. At least, we are all home and the rugs are drying. I mailed out my first eBay sale but they tell me the money won't be mine until the middle of the month. Guess eBay/PayPal is just another bank.

Ah well, even though it is almost 9:00, perhaps I will take a 15 minute walk. It's warm enough at 48 degrees.

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