Saturday, December 10, 2011


I wonder how much the first thing you habitually do in a day affects the rest of your day. I ask this because I was musing on my friend Carol B. As soon as she gets up, maybe even before she starts the water for her tea (not PG Tips, the other popular Brit Isles tea that is hard to get here), she cleans her glasses. Every day. As if to see the world as clearly as she can from the moment she starts looking.

Way later ...

It might strike you as ignominous...

I wonder what the beginning of that thought was. I admit I have waded into wine this evening, but, dagnabit, I have not had any alcohol to speak to since Thanksgiving and boy! did I feel the need for something tonight. Not because today was bad or wrong or entirely misspent. 'Twas not: was up to work my edit, got to therapy early, went to library, farmer's market, more work, more solitaire and listening to that stupid book ...

Even when I was trying to accomplish nothing I was not able to accomplish nothing ... or the state of nothingness ... if you know what I mean.

Not unduly depressed but, yet again, feel that I am not writing all the better thoughts or even the turmoil of what is a-brewing in my head.

As I am not going to see my family for Christmas, I was thinking that I just might spend Christmas Day as a day of silence and nothingness. I might just stock in food and stay in bed ALL DAY, reading, and catting, and tuning out the world.

I must reiterate that throughout these days of stress, I have not succumbed to a single day in bed. I might have spent a few extra hours there, but I have been up, if not dressed, and attempting to attend to the vagaries of the day, of the life. And all without benefit (for a few months, at least) of any medication, save for the sometimes-too-much alcohol and, of course, caffeine.

Photographic evidence of Cooder and Emmylou within a foot of one another.

So, for now, I will say good-night. I am not setting my alarm for tomorrow. Woo-hoo!

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  1. Onely one of the reasons I love you is that you would use the word "dagnabit.".