Thursday, December 22, 2011


Isinglass was on my mind this morning. I woke up at 7:00, a full half hour before I had planned to start struggling my way out of bed and the word "isinglass" was the mental floater. Now, that's a helluva word to start out the day. The first thing that comes to mind is The Surrey With The Fringe on Top and no one does it better than Blossom Dearie.

One would have hoped that this would have been a positive portend for the day, but I find not. I did complete my first on-line sale transaction by mailing out the Christian Louboutin shoes I found over the summer. Sadly, (for me) they were not the primo $1500 pair, but a much cheaper version. Still I made $140 for not too much hassle. AND they are out of the house.

As is my little Sony television with matching DVD/VHS player. Those were listed on Brooklyn Free Cycle and went to a nursing home, which pleased me greatly. So, there, some positive things in a largely negative day. Let's just say, financially, the bone is showing. Not sure what else to do or say, so I will move along to the photographs I took.

I was out of the house, on my feet and walking, by 8:50 (on that fabled walk to the post office). Having recently joined a group (FB) for iPhoneography, and (in a moment of lavish overspending ... $5.00) downloaded more lenses and "film" for Hipstamatic, I took some time to play.

There's a child around here somewhere.

A sort of holy larvae?


Oh, hell.

Golden leaves in late December.

Ya, ya, boys!

Subway in the sun.

It was on the "funner" side of things, or at least stimulating to be out in the beauteous morning. The light is different and you know how I am about light. I hope a lot more of it rains down on me in short order. For now, a kitchen to be cleaned, a bath to be drawn, and I will withdraw from the world for the time being.

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