Sunday, December 25, 2011


Quiet as a snow day, it was. But warmer! The later afternoon, naptime, natch, there were some obstreperous car alarms going off, but that period was short lived and quiet reigned again. 'Twil be interesting to see what tomorrow feels like, what with noise and activity again.

I passed a pleasant day. And sorry to disappoint those who thought I might have a big crash today, I did not. I was, in fact, quite productive. I did not sleep in, but got up to do my little moderating gig, took care of Tupie, worked on some art-y stuff. My good pal, Leslie, called up to give me a Christmas astrological reading. I took an excellent walk. I made bread, ceci/sausage soup, and cream crackers.

And best of all! Christmas is almost over!!!

I went upstairs to feed Tupie and ended up watching Elf. That's a sweet movie. I watched it with my mom and Carl once.

So, now to bath and bed so that I can get up and get cracking (not crackers) again.

I know, little content here. But I am content enough.

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