Thursday, August 1, 2013


I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty ...
It really is time to call it a day. All day, I have had a curious anticipation/anxiety about seeing LD tomorrow ... less than 12 hours away ... after 40? years. Her much-appreciated visit has fireworked a cascade of questions about life, choices, why we did what we did and the like. 

But LD is in town, having wisely chosen to stay nearby to get her bearings. My bags are almost packed and I have a list of things to finish, (although I forgot cleaning the litter box). and if I can sleep, I will be somewhere near good to go in the morning. 

The next night ...

It's kind of too late for me to write at any length, so I will start off slowly. As soon as LD pulled into the driveway, I was out the door and in her arms and we were in tears. So much for the thought that it would take as awhile to bridge the decades. 

As day one progressed, our similarities and similar experiences surfaced far more than our differences. I mean, who expects their high school friends to be as smart and wonderful as you thought the in high school? Certainly not me. 

Yet LD is a delight and a comrade in arms in just the way we were back in the day. I will admit to some bashfulness here and there at what I regard as my giant mistakes in life, but we are right in there talking about them. 

It's early in our adventure together, but all in all, we had a terrific day and so damn compatible I am amazed. I will try to chronicle a bit more closely in the ensuing days, but I think I will look back on today as a unique and very special day in my life.

LD, you rock.

Vineyard at Millbrook Winery.

Sky over the Hudson near Staatsburg.

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