Sunday, July 21, 2013


Emmylou, Albert, and I are already in the cold bunker, which is what I call the two rooms of the house that we air condition. Emmy and Albert take turns laying near the actual unit. It's 80 degrees at 8:31, expected to climb to 95, which is pretty damn hot. Sigh. I should probably go run my errands (TJ, library ...) or start the wash but I mostly feel like a mid-morning nap. But I can smell the coffee on the stove, so maybe that will help. 

One of the first things I have to do when I have been gone this long, other than clean the litter box, is to comb the cats who rather fall apart from not getting their usual manhandling from me. Cooder is worse than Emmy in this respect, not the least because no one else can really pet her all that much. She has been very happy to see me, drooling and purring with her pets this morning. For a change, she seemed happier about the pets than the Greenies. 

Ah well. I need to soldier on as tomorrow I head down to Brooklyn again for my last two scheduled Celebrate Brooklyn shows. I will catch up with John and Mel and see my friend Marilyn (one of the Marilyns) who is in from LA. That will be lovely as always.

So, this is from a couple of days ago. Been to Brooklyn and now back in Brewster. A bit tired, a bit vacant, a bit head-achey. But generally okay. Just not fired up about writing this minute. 

And besides The Brothers K calls! You will all be so glad when I am done yammering about this. J brought home a new book for me/us Jane Austen's England, which is very delectable and inviting. 

Marilyn and I were so beyond Caught in the Rain at Celebrate Brooklyn. I kept thinking of the Dan Hicks and HIs Hot Licks song, but I could find neither a you tube upload nor a lyrics sheet, so we'll all have to remember as best we can. 

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