Sunday, July 14, 2013


... (instead of Netflix)

Schroon Lake, NY

I just really like it here. I get here and relax. The stars last night were stunning in their clarity; I absolutely gasped when I looked up. No sirens no trains, just plain old quiet. 

The next day.

Yesterday, Larry and I went to a pretty cool barn sale, but it started a light rain so we didn't hang out very long. Larry worked on the theater and I took a very long nap. After the nap, I worked on the graphic novel for a bit, but felt stuck, so I took my putative 5x-per-week-30 minute walk down to the lake edge. I chatted with ma mere and then called Louise for some Monsterwood consultation.

Larry had to work today at the train museum, Railroads on Parade, so Liz, Jane, and I are hanging out at the cabin in Pottersville. Liz is resting and getting ready for another intense week. I addictively watched another two episodes of Orange is the New Black, and took a nap, (bien sur!). I am now sitting on the Pottersville screened-in-porch trying to wake up and to catch up. I need to be reading The Brothers Karamazov as I am far behind, and I am kind of stuck in the writing. It is lovely to be protected from the mosquitos who are drooling outside the screens like vampires waiting to be asked in. And to listen to the river and smell the soft pine breeze. But it is an overcast day.

Some little "bird" put Eddie Rabbit's song, Love A Rainy Night, in my head! I have this dim memory that Eddie Rabbitt was a dj, maybe on KROQ, back in the early 1970s, but I can find no confirmation of this. Nope, that was Jimmy Rabbitt. And the only reason I can remember that is he played Fleetwood Mac's Go Your Own Way about 10 times in a row when that album (Rumors) came out. I can relate to that kind of obsessive behavior.

I am slightly out-of-sorts but that might be the relaxation, the (momentary) stress about the graphic novel writing knot, or the six delicious chocolate chip cookies that Liz fed me. Haven't had much else to eat today except for a little bit of oatmeal and some vanilla yogurt. 

Sorry you can't quite see the river or better yet hear it.

Okay, it time to either read or write! Tomorrow, MOZ and Deb!

P.S. For the interested parties, here is the website of the Monsterwood graphic novel illustrator:


  1. Wasn't Pottersville the name of the town in "Its a wonderful life" in the hallucination sequence. Potter being the name of the banker?

  2. Don't remember, but I will bet that someone around here would know that.