Friday, July 5, 2013


Mary's lily garden.
This particular heat seems disinclined to let up. Even at 11:11 p.m., it is still uncomfortably clammy outside. Hence, I am sitting, yet again, in the air conditioned room. I could have likely lived without it today, but I did take advantage quite a bit. I rather rotated between my very hot desk, the screened-in-porch, and the air conditioning. The screened-in-porch does get WiFi, but not as strong or consistently as I might like. So I found myself back on the couch in the cool.

While I did my usual curation gig, I did get caught up on some tv. I had heard good reviews of the new CBS show Under the Dome, and decided to watch, notwithstanding any incredulity I might have had. And it was mostly stupid, but there were enough compelling elements to make me watch both episodes. Orphan Black on BBC America also has some tour-de-force acting and some good plot elements, so I finished out that season. And I am keeping up with Borgen, the Danish political drama airing on KCET and available on-line. Unfortunately, KCET only keeps two episodes at a time, and we are on to episode eight, so you all missed it. But, particularly you females and politics hounds out there, keep your eyes open for it.

And there you have it. A day hot enough to make you cranky every un-air-conditioned breath you take. 

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