Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Cooder cooling out on the SIP.
I love a good nap. Sometimes it's the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning.
- George Costanza, Seinfeld

Napping is kind of sacrament in my family, although, come to think of it, I am not sure my brothers practice it that often. I didn't get much of one today, although I tried a couple of times. We are all part cat in my family, I think.

The weather was intense and changeable today, going from clear to rainy to near foggy heat. It has cooled off for the moment, now. But I am still sticky.

There's a pervasive sadness around here, a gentle, maybe wistful sadness, but still we know that A and E are both leaving in a couple of days. They will be very missed. M, A, E, and I sat on the screened-in porch after dinner (fresh pesto made by M!) played a card game called Shithead. A & E killed us. We listened to Marvin Gaye's Greatest Hits and all danced in our chairs as we crooned and tried to crush one another in cards.

I had occasion to correspond with one of my long-distance, long time mixer friends on FB this evening. Somehow we got to chatting about Aimee Mann and I sent him this clip of I've Had It, which I have a tendency to listen to repeatedly. I think reading the lyrics and listening is best. 

We made it down to New York
with everything intact
but as for getting back -
it was Boo who made the joke,
they don't give you any hope
but they'll give you plenty of rope
And Dan came in from Jersey
he went to get the drums
and if Buddy ever comes
we can get it off the ground
I hope someone's coming down
'else I can't see hanging around

Oh, experience is cheap
if that's the company you keep
and a chance is all that I need
and I've had it
I've had it

So we all just started playing
and then something strange occured -
not a person stirred
oh, it started out one way
but it turned out to be okay
and I felt that someone should say -

Oh, experience is cheap
if that's the company you keep
and before you know that it's free
you've had it

Like most amazing things
It's easy to miss and easy to mistake
For when things are really great
It just means everything's in its place
When everything was over
and we loaded up the van
I turned and said to Dan,
Dan, I guess this is our prime
like they tell us all the time
weren't you expecting some other kind?

Oh, experience is cheap
if that's the company you keep
but I'll never get that disease
'cause I've had it
I've had it 

Anyway, maybe this is jejune, but I think it says a few things. I know I was certainly expecting some other kind of "prime" ... And it sure seems we were promised something else than what this country is about these days.

I've had a headache for the last couple of hours, likely because I keep losing my glass of water and therefore am not drinking it. 

Okay, Cooder is here for her Greenies and I need some analgesic and real sleep. The kitties and Albert will be sad when I go away for a week as the porch will be closed more often. 

Whatever it takes to get cool.

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  1. I like reading about your life. I don't understand prime, what it means to you or in the song. Other than first rate or the best of, best of what I wonder. Could it be of this lifetime? I'm a little dumb or un-hip to intellectual correspondence. I don't put myself down so you can try to make me feel better. Thanks for opening the door to your world. The thing about all writers is they are always the most unhappy bunch. The one thing I vowed when I started writing poetry again in 2010, was that I'm going to make my own rules when it comes to the kind of writer(brand of idealism)I was going to be. I like to think I know the formula for my own happiness. I just know my life isn't about happiness and that helps. So Sally Anne, you won't hear "cheer up" from me. It's just a sad and beautiful world!