Sunday, July 7, 2013


In the midst of all this madness, I missed a quiz for my Coursera course of The History of Rock, and I think I won't pass the class. Which is more funny than anything else to me. I did well on all the quizzes, but I missed the deadline for a quiz due to the emotional fracas around. Oh well. I have started another class about the veracity of photography or the image, but I have only listened to the first week and I will have some catching up to do.

Another remarkably hot day. I again rotated between the porch and the air conditioned area. It's just muggy enough to stop one in one's tracks. And make one very very stupid. 

All in all, a quiet day. I wasn't able to get in touch with John, who is working on the Holbrook house by himself. Mel was back at work and had a stellar day financially.

I had a rough night, psychologically, last night, but did finally fall asleep. The litany of failure, fear, and regret is so familiar these nights. Having the slightest bit of hope and/or patience is a challenge in itself. But of what use is the song of misery I at least hum to myself at these times. It is hard to know there is any "use" to these internal conversations. Do I generate them or are they "spontaneous"? Is it reality? 

Well, clearly, I am wandering off into topics I am far too hot and sleepy to do any justice to, so I will just try to see if sleep visits me easily.

I was greeted this morning with two beautiful blooms I was not expecting from the Mexican Day lilies. It was pretty hot out there, so I am not sure if they will survive until tomorrow for a possible photo op.

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    by Allen Ginsberg

    Lay down Lay down yr mountain Lay down God

    Lay down Lay down your music Love lay down

    Lay down Lay down yr hatred Lay yrself down

    Lay down Lay down your nation Lay your foot on the rock

    Lay down yr whole Creation Lay yr mind down

    Lay down Lay down yr empire Lay your whole world down

    Lay down your soul forever Lay your vision down

    Lay down yr bright body Down your golden heavy crown

    Lay down Lay down yr magic hey! Alchemist lay it down clear

    Lay down your practice precisely Lay down yr wisdom dear

    Lay down yr camera Lay down yr image right

    Lay down your image Lay down light

    Lay down your ignorance Roll yr wheel once more

    Lay down yr suffering Lay down yr Lion’s Roar

    October 31, 1975

    Spoken word version from Unspoken Words.

    Copyright © 1998 by Jim Cohn.