Monday, July 29, 2013


It seems like only yesterday we were all excited about the signs of Spring. I can see autumn in the leaves already. There are a few gold and red leaves in the trees by the Middle Branch Reservoir where M and I walked Albert and ate ice cream on Friday night. 

Then last night, Sunday evening, I was driving back from Rhinebeck and getting myself lost, as I am so more than wont to do. I know that some of it was the light of the setting sun hitting the trees just right, but I swear you could see the orange and gold somehow beneath the green. I tried to photograph this, but iPhone cameras just aren't very good for long distance shots. Maybe the iPhone 5 has a better camera or maybe I should hope and pray for those add on lenses. But there are more important things to hope and pray for like figuring out my so-called life.

The first tomatoes of the year, from the Brewster Farmer's Market.
i have been kind of quiet. I'm not terribly depressed or anything, just moody. If I wait long enough, the dips of feeling smooth out a bit. There is some strange irony or something in the current fact that after decades of loving to go to bed and sleep, I very nearly rue that time in the evening (getting to be about now). As soon as the lights go off, the circus of rumination and self-recrimination begins. I doze or fall asleep, only to wake repeatedly. I know I should just taking the sleeping helpers, but, for some reason, I resist.

And so tomorrow or rather Wednesday begins one of life's big adventures for me. An old high-school bff, LD, who I have not seen since I was about 20, is flying here from San Clemente, California to catch up with me!! I was able to put a relative date on our last seeing one another by realizing we had never had a legal drink together. And that has been a long while. I imagine we will make up for that in short order.

LD and I were the theater gals. She played the lead role of Emily in Thornton Wilder's Our Town. We must have been in plays together, but I have not been able to remember what they were or what roles she played. But we were running buddies for a good couple of years. She bought a used Fiat and we were going to drive up to San Francisco together, but I think  her danged parents objected. 

LD stayed around the LA area and went to CalState Fullerton. I left Dodge for UC Santa Cruz and the life of dissolution known so well to many of you. But I am beyond delighted, feeling somehow blessed, that LD wants to reconnect in person. And is putting her money and her time where her mouth (heart?) is. We are going to crash in Rhinebeck and tool around the Catskills for a day and head up to Schroon Lake, where I take all of my favorites.

And for anyone in my Brothers K watch, not even dragging my visual feet anymore, but it IS a slow read.

Hey do you all know about the Kopecky Family Band? I think they are kind of cool.

This is our most viable tomato. I probably won't be around to eat any of it.

Like Albert, like Emmylou.

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