Monday, July 15, 2013


Schroon Lake, 10:26 a.m.

It's so hot already that, even though I am sitting next to a gently blowing air conditioner, there is a bead of sweat slipping down my spine. And I am wearing as few clothes as the general public would allow. It's 85 degrees and no rain today. Larry thinks it is humid, but I just think that is ambient moisture from being close to the lake.

As usual, sitting at Miriam's Morningstar Crepe Cafe, after having had breakfast with Larry who is out hob-or-naybobbing around. Holly, the popcorn worker, was sick last night, so I got to sell tickets. (Liz sold the popcorn instead of tickets as I don't know how to make the popcorn.) It was kind of fun. One really gets a sense of what the social scene is here. After the movie, folks gather in front of the theater to chat about the movie. 

Today, it is back to the graphic novel, maybe make some headway in The Brothers Karamazov (sigh), and test drive the audio-visual room with the new television.

So, I'll leave this one short.

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