Monday, July 1, 2013


Wow. Waking up in the soup, or waking up in soup, as this is generic summer humidity and grey soup. The dog's mouth (although it does not smell as badly). Sigh. Got to get up (after having worked on my curation gig ... by the way, this seems like a good a time as any to post a link: Here. It would be lovely if you all would check it out and perhaps sign up to follow it. We all want me to continue to have this little gig, don't we?)

I missed my 11:30 Bridgeport to Port Jefferson ferry, but made it for the 12:30. I will get to the viewing at Moloney’s in Holbrook late and quite underdressed. I will miss most of the 2 – 4 visitation … (or is it called a viewing?) but there is another from 6 – 8 and then a mass, I believe. I don’t know if I can go to two masses in 12 hours, but then who knows how I will be feeling or what my friends want. At this point, I am in their service.

So, I will try to snap some photos on this ferry ride. Google maps gave me absurd directions to get here (Bridgeport) not made any easier by the rain which began as I left Brewster and stopped pretty much as I got to Bridgeport. I know, it is hard to not envy my such excellent timing.

And we are off. I’ve never been across the Long Island Sound before! It’s expensive to take the ferry ($54) but it should be shorter than heading all the way back down to NYC and then out the Long Island Expressway, surely one of the most damned highways in the U.S.

Much later, like seriously bed time. 

In Holbrook, after two viewings and before mass and actual funeral tomorrow. The family, with whom I have been embedded, has been dealing with the death for days now, whereas I just beamed in. 

And now I am tired and not entirely sure how to assess nor "vibe" with it all, so perhaps going to sleep is the best idea now. We are up early tomorrow to go to Mass and to the cemetery, and to a group lunch, and who knows what else. Quiet time in the form of sleep may be just what I need.

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  1. Sorry for such a sad reason to be stopping in my hood. xo