Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Pottersville, where I hung out on Sunday.
Albany-Renssalaer Rail Station
1:19 pm.

Yes, indeed, I am homeward bound. MOZ and Deb dropped me off about 45 minutes ago and I have a bit of a while to wait for the next train. This is fine as it is crazy hot, 95 degrees outside, and it is pleasantly cool in here. As long as there is wi-fi and my laptop is charged, I have plenty to do to entertain myself. 

Deb asked what I was going to do when I got home and at first I rattled off a list. Now, I am pretty sure I am going to sleep. By the time I get to Rhinecliff, get a cab over to Rhinebeck, and get on the road again, I imagine I will not be getting home until 5 or so. 

And oh! what a time we all had in Schroon Lake! Not surprising to me, MOZ and Deb and Larry and Liz and Jane hit it off splendidly, so, as MOZ said, our tribe expanded a bit. Larry ended up working on Monday so I lazed around, as I am wont to do, napping, reading, a bit of graphic novel work, and obsessively watching Orange is the New Black on my iPhone. When MOZ and Deb showed up, hot from a seven-hour drive, they were eager to cool off. So we ... Went. In. The. Lake!!! Whooo.

Having been coming here for the past four years, that I had never been in the lake is a bit surprising. Oh goodness. Was I missing something. The water was just fantastic, warm, clean, soft, ... aye! aye! aye! I love lake swimming and this is just a stellar lake with a nice sandy bottom and potable water. 

First we had some appetizers at Mr. P's Mountain Smokehouse while Larry and Liz sold tickets and got the film going. Actually, we had some Black Raspberry Merlot before we went out. I had gone to the Farmer's Market that morning where I scored some cheese, some Mrs. London's pastries, and the merlot. Yummmmmmmmm ... I think Deb and Moz were suitably impressed with the quality of food and drink. We had dinner at the newly opened Sticks and Stones. That place was good enough that I was there three days out of five.

Tuesday we all (except for Liz who was at work already) had breakfast at the Morningstar so that I could work and have a latte. Then Larry had to head out to work. We walked around, visited the Towne Store, and hit the lake, of course. MOZ and Deb went to visit Larry's place of employment, Railroads on Parade, and I indulged my Netflix sickness, took a nap, and did some work. When MOZ and Deb came back we drank some champagne and ... wait for it ... went into the lake. Ah ... cool water.

Here I am detailing this. Really we were on vacation. No thinking involved. And not very much work for me. Perhaps I will attempt a bit more analysis when I am a bit further away. Still stupid and relaxed and waiting for a train. 

Working on The Brothers K. 
Jane, as ever, interested in food.

There are three powers, only three powers on earth, capable of conquering and holding captive forever the conscience of these feeble rebels, for their own happiness—these powers are miracle, mystery, and authority.

Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

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