Saturday, June 1, 2013


Adirondack lilacs.
Yes, it is getting late. I've been on the go pretty much all day and am hopeful that I will be able to sleep. And now that I think of it, I'll take a bit of sleeping medication to make sure I don't toss and turn too much.

It was cooler by two degrees but it certainly did not feel this way late this afternoon. M, A, E, and I all sat around the family room much like panting dogs, waiting for the sun to go down. This global warming business is surely not going to be any picnic 

Worried about Cooder, of course, but thinking it is mostly the heat that is getting her down. She's eating and drinking and will come to me when I call her, so I'll just continue to monitor her. 

A and I did some deep cleaning on the screened-in porch and got some of the pretty white lights hung which make the room quite pleasant. There was a power outage this afternoon for an hour or two. While we were waiting for electricity again, I just lost all my energy. I had to sit around stinky and sweaty for quite awhile until the power was restored. It was out in the whole town. 

We also had a sweet barbecue. I made two different flavors of chicken (balsamic-rosemary and an Asian black pepper). I also pulled out the baby bok choy that has been sitting around for a couple of weeks (at least). I trimmed off the dead parts, chopped up the rest, lightly steamed, and then marinated in a sesame-soy-garlic-rice wine marinade with cut up cucumbers and sesame seeds. Quite tasty. M made a different, more Italian flavored cucumber marinated salad. Happy happy joy joy.

More Adirondack lilacs.
I did make my reading goal in The Brothers K today, but I am still very confused about what I am reading about. Sometimes I like it, but I do feel lost as to what I am reading about. There's a lot about Russian religion, about which I know almost nothing. Yet we persevere.

Here's my Night and Day quote of the day:

Each moment was to be, as far as he could make it, complete in itself, owing nothing of its happiness to explanations, borrowing neither bright nor dark tints from the future.

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