Friday, June 7, 2013


Maybe they are more aware of the gap between men and beasts, being more occupied with the likenesses, the links, the whole of which living things are a part.
Ursula K. LeGuin, The Left Hand of Darkness

Still working through my stockpile of quotes from books I have been recently reading.I even have some The Brothers Karamazov in the queue. Happily, my Kermit Place Readers were able to share some insights and frustrations about our current undertaking, and so, we press on. 

Raining quite a bit here in Brooklyn today. Grey, cool, and, of course, wet. 

Which is kind of how I am feeling. I caught up with one of the B's this morning. We hadn't seen one another for such a long time, and only had 90 minutes or so, that we made an agenda and took turns talking. That worked out well. We covered a lot of ground and we can go deeper next time. We made a date to go see Amadou & Miriam and Bombino at Celebrate Brooklyn in two weeks. And I may get a free ticket to see this B in her off-Broadway play, My Big Fat Gay Italian Funeral.

Meanwhile, the other B is coming over for dinner and John and Mel's in about an hour, so I should get up and get cooking. Making chicken breasts with mushrooms and rosemary, roasted broccoli, maybe sauteed boy chok and spinach, and basmati rice. John and Mel both have to work late (and Mel started early as she started with a trim for me!) but I am sure they will be happy to come home to laughter, wine, and a nice dinner.

Meanwhile, I am feeling a bit sad, and I think part of it is this spying business that our supposedly liberal government is conducting on all of us average joes. I find it enormously upsetting, particularly when coupled with the persecution of Bradley Manning, the other crack-downs on whistleblowers, and all the rest of the perfidy going down. I guess if we are not in a corporation or an approved arm of the government, we are not them, we are separated. Not a part.

I enjoyed being on the subway yesterday and seeing the mulitplicity of humans. I took some, I think, nice shots of what my KPR pal Emily refers to as "fellow travelers."

Oh, and before you look, here's a birthday shout out to my stalwart, EJB, truly trying to keep it, and keep it real, out in La-la Land. Much love, sistah.

This is my favorite.

This fellow was exceptionally good-looking, but ya don't see that here. 

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