Monday, June 3, 2013


But as it fell in accurately with his conception of life that all one's desires were bound to be frustrated, he concentrated his mind upon literature, and determined, philosophically, to get what he could out of that. — Virginia Woolf, Night and Day

Okay. Quote of the day dispensed with. Very muggy. Heard various rumors that ... wait, these are not rumors, these are weather predictions. It's not as if people are running around here whispering in each other's ears that a big thunder and rainstorm is expected in the next few hours. I didn't water today as I kept expecting the rain to start, but then it would get sunny again.

A rough night again. I was up late and had to work very hard to not get bummed and freaked out in another long dark night of the insomniac soul. M woke me at a reasonable breakfast hour to make sure I got in on A's (excellent) waffle action. I tried to stay awake after but was not successful. I didn't sleep long or deeply enough, and when I finally got up again I never really woke up. Well, except now, sort of.

The best news of the day was that the first of my bulbs bloomed. Here is the spraxis! Yay. Very exciting. And buds a-cumen.

Der family had a beach day, so I lazed around working on knitting projects and watched Behind the Candelabra. Two words: Rob.Lowe. Unbelievably creepy as the plastic surgeon. He's just such a fun actor these days.

I got back out to work on the screened-in porch as it was not as intelligence intensive as trying to organize my desk or read The Brothers Karamazov. Yeah, behind again. I guess I will have my work cut out for me tomorrow on that score as I plan to take some sleeper's helpers and make sure I don't have another ridiculously late and fraught night. No reading. Or watching the new season of Arrested Development, which is what I ended up doing last night when I couldnt' sleep. (So far, not impressed.)

The pets very much enjoyed the results of my (our, can't forget all that A did yesterday) labors. 
There's Cooder on the left, Emmylou on the right, and Albert in the back right.

E and C hung out on the porch this evening, test-drove, and approved of it as a hang-out area. So all good there.

It has some charm, nest-ce pas?

And so, really to bed. I think I need to shower before I sleep as I didn't get around to it earlier today and I am a bit sticky from the work and the day.

And here comes the rain. (Wow, a Grateful Dead quote without really meaning it.)

Emmylou having a nap.

Peonies are blooming.

Cat-peony action photo!

Got to leave you with this quote I nabbed from the New York Times Sunday Book Review today:

"Obliviousness is a luxury of privilege."
- Allison Glock

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