Friday, June 14, 2013


We saw some sun today, although it was a hide-and-seek kind of day. The temperature rose and fell according to the light, of course, so you had to run around with a sweater, at least. 

Where the day went, I am not entirely sure. And I am a bit extra distracted this evening as the mother of a close friend is very ill. I had a telephone conversation with another friend who is in similar straits to my own, which doesn't do much to cheer one up. My bank account is quite low, particularly after I filled up my gas tank and bought a bunch of greenies and other kitteh supplies.

So, although I am feeling kind of sad and bereft, anticipating my close friend's loss and knowing that loss is what all of my cohort will be dealing with shortly, I just don't want to carry on too far. 

At least I woke up with two kittehs on the bed with me.

Emmy does not understand why Albert and I can go out and she cannot.

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