Monday, June 17, 2013


Yo, peeps? Where are you? Give a girl some props. As of 11:53 p.m., only five of you have looked at my last two posts, which I thought were pretty good, and this is the kind of thing that discourages me.

Meanwhile, made it down to Brooklyn, scored awesome seats at Calexico, and had a lovely time on an even lovelier night. In attendance avec moi, were one of the B's, AJ, and Mary. We kind of had wine, women, and song, and that sounds fairly excellent to me.

But as I already posted once today, I think I will wait 'til a greater degree of sanity and perhaps sobriety, although I am not too far gone, and try to relate the overall excellence that was Calexico on the morrow.

It is quite warm here in Brooklyn.

Now, two days later ...

Back in Brewster, hanging late on the SIP with Cooder in one of the four rocking chairs. Emmylou was out here, too, but seems to have moved back into the house. The crickets are chirupping along and I can see the waxing moon through the screen.


  1. Alas, you are at peace, yet here it remains in pieces. Perhaps some glue to bind the wounds, suffered by prolonged stress and movement will make those creaking rocking chairs whole again. One only needs to says the word and then all falls into place.

  2. Sally Anne: I may read 'em late, but I always read 'em (& enjoy getting yr. thoughts & seeing the pics).