Friday, June 14, 2013


Sadie Thompson here, writing from Pago-Pago. This rain is crazy boring! Bring on the marines!

Yeah, rain. And lots more to come. I moved the tomato plants onto the screened-in porch because they were drowning practically. I should probably venture out and move some of the others. It's the grey and lack of sun, more than the wetness, that gets to me.

I guess A & E are still sleeping. Oops, here comes one now. I was up a little too late, but I was able to sleep without medication. Fun and somewhat crazy dreams starring my friend Janine C. and John Slattery. I woke up to an Emmylou sleeping very near to me. Progress!

Now it is tomorrow and I am still awake, although I think sleep is possible. Still raining although there were several hours of respite. We did not get the derecho here, no thunder and lighting nor gale force winds. It is kind of cold though.

I needn't worry; I have two cats on my bed! I'd take a picture and post it however I have no idea where my iPhone is. That and my feet are cold. 

A and I took on the task that no likes to do: cleaning out the refrigerator. M was so pleased she said she thought angels would sing each time she opened it.

I did a bunch of laundry having found a missing cache of clothing when I visited my storage space. And I listened to more of Dearie.

Down the street to the south.

Up the street to the North.

My grand-niece is in Europe with her father who is the drummer for Burt Bacharach. Her blog is quite charming. You can check it out here.

The best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain.
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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