Wednesday, June 12, 2013


"Sippin' on a little Night Train ..."  The Black Light, Calexico.

Been listening to Calexico for the last several hours in anticipation (hot anticipation) of the upcoming gig at Celebrate Brooklyn. Patty Ramona, an unimpeachable tastemaker, has lauded Calexico for years and I never fully attended to them. Now, however, I am a convert.

Well, it was touch and go in the falling asleep department, but I did and pretty much staid asleep except for coughing fits (allergies). I did wake up early to face full-frontal sun in the backyard, but decided to get more sleep. All in all, a baby step towards more regular sleep. Now, if I can just keep the computer out of the bed, largely stay away from alcohol, and take my medication at the right time, perhaps I can get into a better rhythm.

And writing in the middle of the day is part of the plan as I sometimes write this post late at night from the comfort of a feather bed. It is likely better for me to do it earlier, if less philosophical and retrospective of the day, but that's maybe okay.

Must go to sleep. I did not sip on any Night Train, but I did have some white zinfandel as I  made pizzas. They turned out well. Got a bunch of errands done and listened to Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child in the car and as I did some bedroom redecorating. 'Tis is a hell-of-a-good listen.

So this will be a short one.

Napping friends.
The first tomato.

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