Monday, June 24, 2013


 Just wondering ... while I was out buying last minute anchovies and citronella candle for A's graduation b-b-bque, I found that I could have a spiritual check=up at the A&P shopping center. 

My aura must be pretty good at the moment, thank you for asking. It has been a hectic few days and I think I was on my feet for most of the hours of today. As self-appointed chief bottle-washer, I had plenty to do to keep ahead of the dishes. I am pleased to report that the kitchen is fairly clean, the dishwasher a-chugging along, and no major damage done. B & K2 are giving sleeping on the SIP a whirl, which sounds divine in this hot and muggy weather.

M's two sisters, J-A and K1, were here for the party and it was a thorough delight to hang out with the actual sisters of my bff-sister. Their husbands were also pretty darn grand. We cooked and kibitzed and ate. I did get a picture of all the females of the clan that were present, and a fine looking bunch they are:

Interestingly, if not surprisingly, all the x-y carriers left the scene when pictures were taken. 

And the freesia and nasturtiums are a-bloomin' as well. This will have to do for a check-in today.

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