Friday, May 31, 2013


It was hot again today, and muggy portending the rain we are supposed to get again (I think). Yeah, it was 90 degrees but it is supposed to fall to 61 tonight, which means I can sleep without the fans. And no thundershowers until Sunday. Tomorrow will be only 88, which means I can tell myself it is cool enough to be productive.

I'm still surfing or skirting the depression wave, but my head has staid mostly above water. As per usual (for most of us), I never get as much done as I think I should, but I did get things done. Like I finally made it to the post office and I think my brother David's birthday card will actually be on time. Like I finally mailed my mom's Mother's Day tribute. And I even mailed off some curtains to Larry in Schroon Lake for the downstairs rather than keeping them and guilt tripping myself for not liking or wanting them anymore even though they are nice curtains. And! I finished knitting another scarf that no one wants! Just have to do the finishing touches. And start another.

There's just been a bit of weight off of my mind getting that Monsterwood edit done. I started cleaning my desk (high time), and installing the drivers to actually get my new printer  ... which I have had since October or November ... actually working.

Cooder is looking awfully thin and spent a lot of the day under our bed, but I think that was mostly to do with the heat. I can't imagine it is cooler there than on the porch with the fans on us, but what do I know? Emmylou staid around today, following me from place to place.

Yes money and work are getting to me again, having finally come to the end of my Amazon money. I stretched out that stuff.

I think J is on the deck playing bass, but as it is dark out there, I cannot tell where he is. It's appropriately broody and muggy. M is going to the Marcus Samuelsson restaurant in Harlem tomorrow for brunch, so she's headed to bed.

I need to get something on my poison ivy! Yes! There is more. And finish my Brothers K reading for the day.

I suspect this is Brewster's swimming hole.

Yesterday, I took down a bunch of quotes from Night and Day (Virginia Woolf, you will recall). 
"If I am late, don't wait for me," she said. "I shall have dined," and so saying, she left them.
"But she can't—" William exclaimed as the door shut, "not without any gloves and bread and butter in her hand!"

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