Sunday, May 5, 2013


I am kind of non-sleeping wreck. And that accounts for the quiet from this quarter, or some of it.

I am up at Louise's and Erik's in Rhinebeck where spring is spectacular. There's some unknown (to me) bird chirping away outside. Erik made his fabulous daiquiris. Louise made grilled pizza!!! So all good there.

The day passed, again, in a desperately sleepy fog, but I did manage some chores before I had a lovely drive (about an hour to get here) listening to Storm of Swords on CD. I really must hand it to George R. R. Martin; the guy is an amazing storyteller. He's a crappy writer, but he just goes for it and has a laudable and remarkable imagination.

So, I just finally took a sleeping pill. I hope I am not hung over from the daiquiris tomorrow. Yikes. They are so good, like candy. Will turn out the lights and watch a bit more of Top of the Lake.

While Louise and Erik finished their gardening chores for the day, I sat next to the kitchen garden where there were Texas bluebonnets blazing away. A very busy, very large, bumblebee was plying his trade. It was a pleasure and an honor to watch him. Too late I thought about getting a video, but I did get some nice photos of the flowers.

And here's a version of Laurie Lewis doing her song, Texas Bluebonnets. (And here are the lyrics.)

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