Saturday, June 11, 2011


Waiting for the train at 7th Avenue.
This is my frustrated fellow clutching his backpack and never relaxing.
Inventive head gear.


making faces.

I walked to the library today to return my overdue items. Plus, I needed to get out. The park was most bucolic. This is the Grand Army Plaza. This part of Brooklyn was clearly not intended for cars. Very confusing to drive around.

I once tried to walk across the counterpart in Paris, which was ABSOLUTELY a suicide attempt. If I weren't sleepy, I could remember the name of that circle at the top of the Champs Elysees.

I was tired today. But I am in remarkably good spirits. My friend MW called from her office at DJ and we had a lovely chat. I had pizza with B and A to discuss the difficulties of looking for work etc.

Ready ready ready for bed. Off to  Callicoon tomorrow.



  1. Like your photo of the fellow clutching his pack. He's so sadly elegant with his suit and hat.

  2. I enjoyed the pictures. The guy clutching the backpack, kind of looks like Dan Bern. I often sit on a train clutching my backpack similarly. I don't like my backpack on the floor of a train(dirt and germ reasons)So in order to sit and hold it. It has to be kind of clutched like that or I feel I would be rude in allowing it to rub up on my neighbors leg.
    Regarding the Grand Army Plaza-I had been to New York several times before I ever went to Paris, but I had not been to Brooklyn until the time I visited you after Paris. In the time between the trips I recall seeing the counterpart to the Arc d'Triomphe on some Law and order show or something and saying to Fico, "When and why did they go to Paris?" They hadn't but he also didn't know there was a "counterpart" in New York so he was confused as well. I am pretty sure the circle is simply called something like round point.

  3. No, the Rond Point is elswhere on the Champs Elysees.

  4. I love your candid, random, people pics. Especially "knees"...