Monday, June 6, 2011


Ah, Queens. But you can read this sign two ways.
I went up to Queens, Jackson Heights, to work with my friend Iris on some project possibilities. The first four times I tried to get there, I got horribly lost and was hours late. Today, went more smoothly.

The slings and arrows of emotional fortunes have me at bit disconcerted at the moment. And today, I have not had the time to ruminate or articulate just how I feel about much of anything. I feel, well, three-dimensional. On some levels I am just fine, and on others I am in a pit of pain. I feel pushed back from my feelings, as I can feel myself weeping and grieving while I am going about my merry beeswax.

I am disappointed with my recent eating habits. Criminey. Maybe I should make a carbohydrate suit out of bread and cookies and wear it around with fresh butter smeared on my face and a cheese bracelet.

This ruminative fellow looked quite nervous and rather sprinted off the train somewhere in Midtown.
This is just some pretty flowers. I know, we've all been there, done that.

This is Laura, David, and me (formerly I) having dinner on Saturday evening at the new local Vietnamese place, Ha Noi. Laura looks pretty good, but David looks as if he is channeling Satan. We were not even vaguely drunk.

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  1. Last paragraph...should be "Laura, David and me." Just thought you'd like to know :o)
    Love you!!