Friday, June 17, 2011


The sounds of a beautiful late Spring rainstorm woke me last night. Cozy in my warm bed, listening to the whole play of the storm setting up with a single flash of lighting and thunder, it was a mini-drama for my ears and my sleepy mind.

We had another sweet storm this afternoon, the rain coming straight down. This evening the air was that odd combination of warm and cool, stifling and refreshing. I walked down to the farther away liquor store to get some retsina, which tastes nice and tangy on a warm evening, but does not exactly encourage over-indulgence.

The drunks and smokers at Johnny MacK's are whooping and garbling it up across the street. I left my cell phone over at Iris' this afternoon, so if I am going to call 311 to complain, I had better do it before I get into bed.

Miep had her first dose of antibiotics today. She's still spending a lot of time under her hidey-hole chair, but she gets up and comes out for some attention. Cooder is curled up on the edge of the bed, her favorite chair near the bed being stacked with the remants of fabric I have yet to finish putting away.

As I did not have my iPhone camera to take any photos on my evening walk, I will just have to report that I saw a black and white cat with a very long nose curled up, sleeping on a brick bannister. We spoke for a minute. In general, one doesn't see a lot of kitties in the great outdoors in New York City, even out here in the gentle 'burbs. Somehow the air was scented, not as much as the hot nights in LA, but beautiful nonetheless.

I treated myself to a television marathon upstairs. I had forgotten how wonderfully mindless it can be to just sit in front of the set and watch a few hours of good narrative. I'm all caught up on The Big C, Nurse Jackie, and Friday Night Lights.

I did spend some time thinking about my commitment issue. A friend, a male, suggested that in the issue I am considering at the moment, my considerations and decisions are based more on destination than who I might be hanging out with. While I think this is true, I don't know that it is any more valid than worrying about hurt feelings or really what it means to give and keep your word. How much is up for negotiation?

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