Sunday, June 12, 2011


Why why why. Rain again. We needed more up here in Long Eddy. It has been more than 12 hours since the last deluge. Here's the good news: we got a couple of hours of late afternoon, early evening sun. There were actually helpful rays absorbed. 

Now on to rain and Courvoisier at 7:30.

There was a tractor parade in Callicoon today. There were A LOT OF TRACTORS. Let me repeat, there were a lot of tractors. More tractors than I will likely ever see at one time again. And I am not very sure that I need to see so many tractors at one time again. 
There were many (beautiful) John Deere tractors, spanning the decades. The John Deere tractors are nice, but I like some of the others better, the old International Harvesters. They sound like something the Wobblies would drive. Some of the drivers were quite wobbly. Although not as wobbly as those watching from the front porch of Matthew's on Main. Those folks were on beyond wobbly by the time we left.

By the time we got to the house, the sun was starting to come out but both Iris and I were nearly comatose. It was one of those times you were glad there were two of you, because that accounted for one whole brain. We came home and crashed.  

Here is Iris sitting at her work table in the sun. Not so very long ago. Did I mention that it is raining again now.

I found the tractor parade both draining and emotional. These people are not poseurs. They are not practicing. When you see some of them, who look remarkably inbred, you realize that it is not craven practices but lack of opportunity or even understanding of opportunity and perhaps that wider world that keeps them in this sphere. Then again, I am not so sure the wider world is all so great.


  1. *Nods in sober agreement to that last bit.* Beautiful hipstamatics. I have never been to a tractor parade but I would have liked to have been sitting at Matthew's for the duration. :)

  2. Los Olivos has a lot of tractors in their annual parades. Afterwords they all park so you can look at them up close. I love the old, spindly, totally rusted ones best. The seats are so tipped back you'd think the driver would do a backflip off if he hit a bump!