Sunday, May 1, 2011


The air this afternoon was like the best dessert you ever had (without involving chocolate): fresh, sweet, delicate, and enough chill to be stimulating and delicious.

Unfortunately, I did not get to enjoy a whole lot of it as I am now in countdown to company mode. I have less than two weeks to get this place in shape for visitors who have never seen me in my native habitat. And it is not so much that I don't want them to know how disorganized I am. It is that under recent (and historical) conditions, there isn't a comfortable place to even hang out, much less for me to find floor space to sleep on.

However, through the miracle of modern psychopharmacology, I was able to make great strides. There is still much much much to be done, but if I just focus on putting the piles in boxes for later sorting, and continuing to clean I might just be in reasonable shape for houseguests.

Along with that, I have been listening to music all day. Hardly any computer or solitaire breaks. I might not have even stopped to eat if the kittehs had not reminded me from time to time that food was necessary.

And I did treat myself to a late afternoon latte and sticky bun from Ladybird. I sat on the bench across the street and enjoyed the air. Then, back to work.

It will be a big deal if I get this accomplished. Then I can move on to other things. Wow.

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