Monday, September 30, 2013


I don't have anything very good to say tonight, but it has been a few days since I've written, so seems like I should give some sign of continued existence.

Then again, I can't really say much as I am in a state of what ... mourning and despair?  Well, you've heard that before. But the mourning is getting closer to home.

I was really doing better. The not-writing was just that I was gone and then a bit busy with some other creative endeavors, and jus thinking some things through and trying to get focussed. No really big deal. 

And I was getting geared up and getting-a-move on. But then early this evening, things changed. I was talking with Jason and getting started on dinner about 5:00. I had kind of noticed that Cooder hadn't been downstairs in a few hours, which is not her usual pattern and I was vaguely concerned. It was warm enough to open the SIP for some late afternoon sunning and as I was hanging up with Jason, I noticed Cooder hissing at Emmy. Again, not all that unusual, but she was kind of leaning against the door. I hung up, shooed Emmy away, picked Cooder up, but she didn't seem to be able to stand up. I put her on the couch, expecting her to walk and lie down once she got over being miffed, but she didn't.

I stepped away to let her settle, but she couldn't walk properly. And after a couple more minutes, she still wasn't walking right. I quickly called her vet, but they were closed. I called their emergency vet and they said to bring her in, which I did as fast as I was able. 

We still don't know her condition, but after $400 of emergency visit and blood tests, they let me bring her home to watch. She ate, drank water, had some catnip, but wasn't really sleeping. 

I take her to her own vet tomorrow for further testing. She's finally resting. She's here next to me. I hope we wake up in the morning. 

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