Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The dementors are afraid of cat cuteness.

The dementors were busy today. Several of my nearest and dearest were more than usually depressed. I was in anxiety-about-life mode but persevered enough to get some things accomplished notwithstanding my zombie-esque emotional state.

And it was a spectacular day. M and I noted that it was dark by 7:30, pitch dark, no foolin’ dark.

Albert and I had a nice walk on the bike path, the first walk I have taken in a couple of days. It was a push to get the energy and make the time – anxiety and panic do not like distraction from their own feeding and care – but I don’t want to lose the barely formed semi-habit.

Not alert enough to really write about much more – you didn’t want to hear about that pull-the-covers-over-my-head feeling, did you?

But I can expound a bit further on last night’s post as Jon Stewart (not him again!) went completely off on CNN and their culture of hysterical non-information-based reporting, their "breathless wrongness." 

But his heaviest criticism was aimed squarely at CNN, for what he called "breathless wrongness" and described as general chaos and frenzy during non-stop coverage of the breaking news ..."

Hysteria is one reason I didn't like The Brothers K. Everyone was so MANDO! (Mando was a word we used back in our 20s to describe something intense to its ridiculous or ultimate extreme. Takin' it to the limit.) The characters in The Brothers K were always yelling or drunk or wound up in some über-drama or other. I didn't see the point. 

From last night's article:

Perhaps disasters have become clichéd. In the same breath that we view images of destruction on the news, we text friends and read about Kardashians. We don’t see our own vulnerability until we’re standing knee-deep in mud in our basements.

Disasters are trivialized as just more noise and chaos unless you live through it yourself. Maybe that's why not enough people care about the growing homeless and poverty-striken populaces. Can't understand it, it's more more noise, bullshit, and another disaster. As long as it is not happening to me (you).

There are a lot of us knee-deep in something. We don't even have basements. 

Hysteria and "breathless wrongness" are incongruent with my "practice" of slowing down. And I guess that I was doing that practice when I slowed down my panic and anxiety by taking the dog for a walk in the sunshine. 

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