Monday, September 16, 2013


A beautiful Fall day and I should get in the car and drive to the orchard to photograph those apples. But I really don't feel well, still, so I don't know. However, given that it is fall, I do feel compelled to share this Fall fashion tip for scarves. I haven't tried it yet, but it does look pretty cool. And sometimes I have long long scarves. 

Oh crapola. I lost some of what I wrote earlier today. One point was that it is not advisable to listen to The Fellowship of The Rings and to watch The Sopranos. This narrative juxtaposition caused me to have some very very strange dreams. 

Just not feeling that well and, at this point, it is more likely allergies than coming down with a cold. I know I have some allergy meds somewhere ... but where? 

So, my philosophizing is lost and I am too sleepy to recreate much more. It was a strange cold and hot day. Seriously, from rain to sleeveless weather back to rain and comforters. And it is still officially summer. 

M bought plums and made plum cakes that were plum fine!

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