Thursday, September 5, 2013


I seem to have a better than normal memory. I've attributed it to my bigger than normal penchant (perhaps lust?) for narrative. The anecdotes and details people share with me just fall into their life stories, of course, and I can often pick up the narrative whenever I see them again, even minor details such as pets' birthdays or what happened to neighbors' kids. 

(Yah. The leaves are falling. No joke. There's just a soft drizzle of them whenever a breeze happens.)

This morning I stumbled across this article, The Science of the Perfect Nap. Turns out naps help memory (not that I can now find the reference in this article). And I'm a lifelong napper. 

Later that evening.

Okay. All that was apropos of not much. Better mood today. We'll see if the dementors are hiding under the bed. It's kind of chilly here 55 now and expected to drop to 46. It's already 38 degrees at night in Schroon Lake. Boy, I never even put away all my winter clothes this year. 

So, small steps again tomorrow. Watch eating. Exercise some. A bit of writing. Plenty of time with the pets. Tonight, finish the dishes and maybe get another book done. So lovely to be liberated from The Brothers K.


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