Sunday, September 1, 2013


Sitting in the living room at the Strand Theater downstairs, the church next door ringing quite a few bells, Jane nervously barking in the long hallway. We feel as if we are waiting for rain again. And just as I finally mustered the focus to try a walk, which I have not done in a few days. Oh well. As it is the last weekend of the season, rain permitting there will be a street dance and fireworks tonight, and perhaps I can get some of my exercise there. In the meantime, there are the stairs which I have come and down quite a few times, and the 75 foot hallway to get from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Is it ominous or is it sad or is it me having not taking my meds yesterday and having had more than my usual share of beautiful zinfandel? Summer’s end again. The days getting shorter and the leaves already preparing for their fall flight.

I have been trying to nap a bit, but I couldn’t fall all the way asleep nor did I have the requisite focus to read all the challenging material I brought. I suppose I could have opted for the listening to a book, but I drowsed instead.

Although I refused to listen to him, I understand the O-man gave us a song-and-dance about why we need to bomb Syria right now. That might account for some of the pall. If we put as much money into alternative sources of energy as we do into war, we wouldn’t have to worry about oil quite so much. All in all, not a pretty picture.

But I do love being up here, as I have said so often, even if I am a bit grumpy. Larry and I did some junk shopping. I picked up some “smalls”, mostly buttons, vintage sewing notions, a yellow McCoy bowl, and some paper ephemera as well as a couple of kitchen items. Oh and a really nice 1960s sewing/travel iron that gets plenty hot and will be great for the Sew-In that Louise and I will eventually have.

I don’t know. Maybe I should just grab the umbrella and take my chances on the rain. I didn’t get to swim yesterday when it was beautiful as I was drafted into being the ticket seller for a special showing of an independent film. That was fun as the crowd wasn’t the usual, not that I have sold tickets often enough to recognize everyone.

Then again, napping sounds enticing too.


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