Friday, August 30, 2013



There’s no Wi-Fi on this bus, which makes it only one of the bummers that I am, in fact, on a bus and not on a train on way to the Adirondacks. This prevents me from doing the rest of my assignment as I had planned, but given the vagaries of internet connectivity anyway, I suppose it is all a wash.

One of the advantages of being on a bus is being so high, high enough to look into the cars we pass. It’s a view I don’t have all that often. I would have never known that driver over there was dressed in desert camo and is probably a serviceman could I not see into his car. Now crossing the northern Thaddeus Kosciuszko Bridge (there’s one in New York City, too).

It was raining this morning, not a hard rain, but a real rain. Although there are still grey clouds in the sky, I can see a substantial patch of blue. I am dressed for hot weather, sleeveless shirt, my ubiquitous flip-flops (… does anyone call them Zorries anymore?), and lightweight pants, so I particularly hope the weather improves. Plus MOZ and Deb have requested that I take an end of summer dip in Schroon Lake on their behalf. It’ll have to be pretty warm.

I am already ready for nap, having awoken at 6:30. I remember those work mornings when my first thought would be “When, how soon, can I get back to sleep?” I have already requested Frank Zappa and Led Zepplin for our audio/visual listening/watching focus on this weekend, but I won’t really be able to stay up too late. I need to do this work in a timely way as their corporate client is Bloomberg and one wouldn’t want to fail to deliver.

So, back to getting caught up on magazine reading for another 45 minutes or so, at which time I should be in Whitehall where Larry is picking me up. We have not been on a single junk store excursion this summer, though I have been up here three other times. We are getting some Larry-Sally Anne bumming around time. I’ll let you know if I find anything particularly excellent. Then again, I will be on the train again, so I won’t be able to lug much around. And I don’t need anything.

Deep relaxing sigh. I just love being here at the theater. I wish I could explain it or share it or something. A few of you have been here, so you know what I mean. My kind of relaxing, which include some visual stimulation. Right now, I am standing in the kitchen and I can hear the soundtrack of Elysium pounding overhead as I am approximately under or behind the screen. When it is a busy night and I am not helping out selling tickets or candy, I listen to all audience walk down the aisles to their seats. There is a tad of “behind the scenes” coolness along with just feeling as if this is one of “my places” in the world.

I did get caught up on some reading while on the bus. For any of you who still love and have time for literature and great magazines, New York Magazine had a great interview with the founder of The New York Review of Books a few months back, In Conversation with Robert Silvers. I liked this comment about Edmund Wilson

"He was a man who wanted to see a clear delineation of reality, however various."

Theater fire escape.

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