Monday, August 26, 2013


I'll start this here, on the couch in the front room where, notwithstanding the rain, there are still critters out there making with the night noise. My sheets are all clean and tidy ready for me to tuck in and conk out. Cooder has already approved them. Even at her advanced age, she was ready to play in the sheets when I remade the bed. In the Park Slope apartment, Emmylou would race across to help me make the bed, but she doesn't do that here. I suppose she gets her kicks by racing up the stairs when I head up to bed.

J is practicing the bass. M is likely reading upstairs in bed. She might have eschewed her usual sweet goodnight as I was on the telephone. I am feeling a bit punk, almost allergic or slightly ill. I certainly hope I am not getting sick before my Schroon Lake visit. I was kind of glum today, partly because of the weather, partly because of my indifferent health, and partly because I am in a bit of a writer's snit on the graphic novel. And the adjustments I have been making to my diet and the walking have thrown in a few issues and challenges as well. Ok. Not to give up. 

I wasn't looking forward to a walk and then there was the threat of rain, too. I just couldn't make a decision about anything. At long last, I decided I had to make pizza for dinner (ingredients demanded), so I had to go up to The Tomato Man on the hill and get a couple of fresh ones, so I wouldn't drive to the reservoir to walk so that I would be close enough to home to make dinner in a timely fashion. You following this? Even if you don't care.

I was dreading the walk, too, because The Brothers K is so unpleasant to listen to. Particularly as I was feeling a non-good funky anyway. Hey! Liberation! I decided to walk without listening as it was giving me a reason to NOT walk. And then I called Louise instead and we hammered out some new things for the screenplay and graphic novel. Kind of good stuff. 

Now to bed, maybe a hot shower before will help. Listening to an audio book is really helping to sleep, although I am not sure how much I retain. That's not so significant. 

Okay. Showered. Emmylou joined me in the bathroom. Cooder is in her place on the pillow near where my head will soon be. We can call it a day and now call it a night.

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  1. Wishing you well, Sally. Love that last photo of the trees.