Tuesday, August 27, 2013


... all of the characters were so tightly wrapped and it was so beautiful to watch them unwrap one another.
— Carol Rifka Brunt, Tell the Wolves I'm Home

Yeah. This is almost true of The Brothers K. There's just so much of it that seems angry, vituperative, indirect, hysterical, and just plain ugly. An unpleasant reading experience, or listening experience for that matter. I do understand that the plot and the motivations are first rate, but ugh. It isn't fun or pleasurable or enlightening, for me at least. But, so far at least, Carol Rifka Brunt wraps her characters tight enough.

Why I am sleepy is a mystery. Cooder, Emmylou, and I took a comfortable nap on the SIP this afternoon. I woke up and Emmylou was on the floor next to me. Her fur was a veritable sea of erratic waves. She is a hard sleeper.

Cooder was more in the classic mode.

And now to bed. Tomorrow will be full of anxiety as I prepare for Schroon Lake on Thursday and continue writing a couple of scenes that Louise and I hammered out again today. 

Managed to get over to the reservoir bike path for a 40 minute walk. I eschewed The Brothers K as I have had a stay of discussion. Instead, I focussed on the graphic novel and worked out some pages. Got some new pictures too.

And for you non-believers, the leaves are already turning.

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