Thursday, August 15, 2013


The new part of the bike path I've been walking.

Oooh I do love it when y'all participate!

LD sent me a very nice quote from Gregory Maguire's (wait! I know a Greg Maguire!) Out of Oz

"The further on we go, the more meaning there is, but the less articulate.  You live your life, and the older you get--the more specificity you harvest--the more precious becomes every ounce and spasm.  Your life and times don't drain of meaning because they become more contradictory, ornamented by paradox, inexplicable.  Rather the opposite, maybe.  The less explicable, the more meaning.  The less like a mathematics equation (a sum game); the more like music (significant secret)."

This is good for some mental chewing. 

I was up early and, bien sur, did not accomplish even half of what I thought I might. I am not giving up, however, and will jump in again tomorrow to see if I can't just get that desk cleaned off and bills, etc. filed. 

I took a long walk this early evening. I only meant to walk 40 minutes, but I walked an hour. LD suggested I find some better walking shoes than my flip flops (really, that is pretty much all I wear all summer), but I think I have a couple of small blisters so this cannot reasonably go on. I have been listening to The Brothers K as I walked, which means I am at least making some progress but I still find it quite frustrating. Just a strange book.

Cooder has come to visit, which means that it is bedtime as well as being Greenies time. Here's a pensive Emmylou sitting in the window.

I've been off of alcohol for five days now. LD and I overdid it here and there. I was sorely tempted today to open a lovely bottle LD left me from Tousey Winery in Germantown. Ah, and I think it's a riesling. I can hear it calling me from the SIP. But, I think a cleaner system is helping me to feel a bit better (although I still wake up and think dark). Just two more days, and I can have a glass of wine.

AND AND AND!!! THERE IS ALREADY HALLOWEEN CANDY IN THE GROCERY STORES. Has time just utterly compressed? Are we all on a geologic time scale now? All happens simultaneously. 
This honking mushroom fell out of a tree. Anyone know what it might be?

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