Tuesday, September 3, 2013



Happy anniversary, Emmylou Irene Patsy Clownpaws. Two years together today! We drove home from the shelter in Albany in a terrible terrible rain storm. Little did I know that driving down the Saw Mill in such weather was a classic no-no in these parts. You were a good little kitten once I let you out of your little box and to find a comfortable place sleeping on my suitcase in the back seat. Yep, she was a little one, but they thought she was older than kitten age and that she had already had a litter. 

Not a bad day landing back in reality and figuring out how to push on to the next whatever. I found this on FB and thought it might be good to remember. Not. Stopping. Smiling as I can hear J playing a progression repeatedly on his bass.

Well, perhaps I can get some earlier sleep. I really didn't fall out very easily last night. I did manage to get out and walk for 30 minutes, although even that was an effort. I wasn't able to keep up my walking momentum much in Schroon Lake. And an hour walk seems impossible, but slow steps. Also, speaking of not stopping, only two chapters of The Brothers K to go! Am actually in the epilogue section.

You can out-distance that which is running after you, but not what is running inside you. 
-Rwandan proverb

Yes, this stuff running inside me is the stuff that keeps me awake if I am not careful. 


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