Monday, September 23, 2013


Although I just posted an installment, I am still up, updating the new iOS, and ripping the rest of The Fellowship of the Ring. Teeth are flossed and brushed, however, so as soon as my iPhone gets updated, I can just go to bed. I need more Fellowship to listen to, and to soothe me in the night. I really just want to close my eyes and crash here on the couch, but there are lights to be turned off and so forth.

Cooder and I did have a most delicious nap this afternoon. Indeed, I am slightly surprised I am so ready for sleep now. Perhaps the moderate amount of zinfandel I drank contributed to my general sleepiness. 

Tomorrow is the Brooklyn Book Festival. I missed last year as I was newly arrived in Seattle. Glad I am ensconced with M & J and Cooder and Emmylou at the moment.

Oh! Tomorrow is the first day of autumn! That's what I was going to remark upon before I was distracted into other things. And there's already a fall rain falling.

Now it is Sunday night. M and I went to the Brooklyn Book Festival. But, I just found out that a wonderful young man, very smart, very talented, very capable, died at age 30. I am just in shock and sorrow.

That will just have to do it for tonight. RIP, SB. 

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