Saturday, September 14, 2013


Unlikely as it might seem, I was up at 5:30 a.m. That is rarely, if ever, a positive thing. And what were the circumstances to wake me? Something in my hair. What something could suddenly be in my hair?  Cat kack. What fun! And I couldn't find my glasses either. So, early morning shower.

So however your day goes, you'll have trouble topping that as a crappy way to wake up.

I had to get up early anyway to make my run into the city. I'll be napping as soon as I get back.

Sitting here working and hanging out with Cooder and Emmylou. They like their morning pets. 

So, still watching Season Three of The Sopranos. I wish I had seen the first two seasons, like I need any more TV to watch. It's much funnier than I recall. The New Jersey Museum of Science and Trucking.

M&J and Albert are home. Emmylou is stretched out  on the floor on her back. Cooder is on her favorite chair. Albert and I took a little 20 minute walk. Listening to The Fellowship of the Ring is much more interesting  and pleasant to listen to than The Brothers KaramazovAlbert is curled up on the couch now. Don't you love it when your animals snore? Cooder and I had great nap today when she curled up on my chest, blocking my view of Borgen which I was trying to watch on my laptop.

The heater is on a bit. I wore my sneakers instead of my flipflops on my walk. Weather has changed.  We stopped at Salinger's Orchard on the way back from the city. I was stunned at how full the parking lot was! If there is better light tomorrow I will go and see if I can get more shot of the apples almost falling off of the trees. Quite impressive. M made an eggplant stew that perfectly captured the moment: the freshness of summer and harvest chill. 

Oh my god, Carmela's clothes.


  1. As Doug said to me, sounds like your "animals our-barfed our animals!" We'd been complaining to each other all day about having to clean up kitty barf (on the paper-cutter and rug) and doggy poop (aged dog, stair landing)...but your morning experience clearly tops ours! Thank you for helping with a perspective change.

  2. Yick, no fun. We are blessed. I can count on one hand the number of times Sully has thrown up, in our 5 years with him. His age and early street life are probably what we have to thank for that. Best wishes :)