Friday, September 13, 2013


No photographs today. And not a long post. I was supposed to go to the city to spend the night in advance of picking up M&J from their Nova Scotia cruise. I was on schedule and all, but finally decided that my vague sore throat was not improving and that perhaps I had finally learned to NOT PUSH IT when I was on the border of illness. 

I did not go any further than the mailbox to put out the recycling and the trash.

I didn't do much than watch Season 3 of The Sopranos (not all of it, of course) and miss James Gandolfini. I continued my cleaning spree, listened to The Fellowship of the Ring (okay, I finally get why it is a great book and why the generally literate person needs to know it), finished (and am now wearing) a necklace I beaded, and had a great conversation with Louise about Monsterwood.

And now I am heading for bed and reading a book far out of style, This Rough Magic. The author, Mary Stewart, was a rather big deal in my childhood and the merit of her work was discussed on some email I received. Literate gothic potboiler! Who knew!! 

Well, Emmylou gets her Albert tomorrow. And so to bed for me.


  1. I figure you will enlighten me on your future endeavors for Saturday. Life sits precariously in the balance on the see saw waiting for its partner to apply the weight.

  2. Sally ... there are several things to know about the LOTR series by Tolkien that you may or may not know, that may help appreciation. First, not everyone loves it. I am a long term reader of fantasy & SF and I was so Bored of the Rings in college and afterwards when I read such stuff. It was only later that I appreciated it. What I found made it more interesting as time went by was the following: Tolkien really was a leading scholar in anglo-saxon linguistics and folk lore, and he is incorporating some of that in these stories. Second, there is more subtlety that meets the eye, I particularly point to the role of the ring bearers, not that ring, the other rings. It turns out that the other ring bearers (9 for humans doomed to die, etc) are all through the books, but you may have to figure it out yourself. Is Gandalf a ring bearer? Third, who or what is Gandalf? Fourth, I like the idea of a technology that is fundamentally evil and will only serve evil no matter how much you try, think Europe during and post WW2.