Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Your The Left Hand of Darkness quote of the day:

"He makes fear serve him. I would have let fear lead me around by the long way.  Courage and reason are with him. What good seeking the safe course, on a journey such as this? There are senseless courses, which I shall not take; but there is no safe one."

In the interest of writing earlier, I am starting this post at 12:34.

Until today, I had never really understood the need for a garden diary. I'm not doing anything particularly major here, but I just planted some more pea seeds, some marigolds and zinnias (as they are M's favorite, I am putting them in with everything). The peas aren't supposed to get shoots for 14 days or more and if I don't note it down, I will be standing there watching expectantly. So far, I have
also transplanted the snap dragons to appropriate containers and placed them on the front entrance where they will get lots of morning light and also be good to look at when we are all drowsily looking at the kitchen window as we draw water for our coffee.

In other experiments, and maybe I said this yesterday, both M and I are taking local honey daily to see if that helps in the allergy department.'

Among other things scored at the library yesterday was the new Michael Pollan book, Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation. I haven't read any of his books but this one particularly interested me as my chef friend, SMS, often schools me in the differences in preparation. As I was wolfing down a lunch snack of fresh mozzarell and Cheetos (again with the Cheetos! We had a stressful day yesterday and I bought some for M, unbeknowst that she had picked up some healthier "cheetos" at Trader Joe's. Great minds think alike.)

"Survey research confirms we're cooking less and buying more prepared meals every year. The amount of time spent preparing meals in  American households has fallen by half since the mid-sixties, ... to a scant twenty-seven minutes a day."


Good thing I started this earlier as I am now too sleepy to write much. What will probably happen is that I will go up to bed only to not be able to sleep as usually seems to happen. I think I might go for some sleeping medication tonight as I would like to get up earlier.

I think I am fresh out of photos at the moment. I did walk Albert this afternoon but as I was groggy and cranky from a nap, I neglected to bring my visual reproduction device with me. Tomorrow.

It was a beautiful day and I did get a little area dug out where I can plant sweetpeas and they will have a place to lean. If the weather holds, I will be back at it tomorrow. I did have a nice lie down on the couch that is currently on the screened-in porch, although I couldn't really sleep there. Emmy came and curled up in the crook of my legs for a bit, although she was more interested in cleaning herself than cuddling or napping with me.

M also brought home the new Steve Earle cd and a Nigerian musican I had never heard of, Bombino. He is utterly rockin'.

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