Thursday, April 25, 2013


Magnolia bloom down the street.
Let  me remind you, eating too many cheetos or too much chocolate can make you feel crummy. Listen and learn. M brought me back some dark chocolate with sea salt from Vermont and boy is it yummy. It is good I don't have a bottle of zinfandel to hand as I am fairly certain that would be an excellent match.

More gardening today. I found some rocks to line the part of the new bed I had dug out. I planted sweet peas as there is trellis for them to grow against, some Mexican day lilies, some zinnias because we want them everywhere, and what else? Marigolds. I also started a couple of flats of marigolds and four o'clocks and columbine and snap dragons. The spraxis shoots are growing right along and we will have some snap dragons blooming soon from the plants I bought at Salinger's. There's a lot of gardening opportunity here but there is a lot of prep, too. I am only doing a little space at a time lest I run out of steam.

M and J have gone to bed so it is quite tempting to go into the family room and binge on some television although it is getting late. I am making progress with both of my Kermit Place Readers books.

I spoke to my friend L who has the movie theater in Schroon Lake and made plans to visit for Memorial Day. This summer is the last wherein regular films will be distributed. It will all be digital distribution and projection as of this fall. And it costs $70,000 for a new system which is quite a bit of money for what is essentially a Mom-and-Pop seasonal venture. L doesn't know what will happen, so I need to try to get up there as often as possible this summer.

But I need to visit my Ma, too. I talk to her all the time, but I haven't seen her in 18 months. And so it goes. 

It is now officially late and I have neither read nor watched any of my stories. But I did get caught up with me Maw a bit. 

I'll give us a break from The Left Hand of Darkness and head back to Night and Day

"The only truth which she could discover was the truth of what she herself felt—a frail beam when compared with the broad illumination shed by the eyes of all the people who are in agreement to see together; but having rejected the visionary voices, she had no choice but to make this her guide through the dark masses which confronted her. ... To seek a true feeling among the chaos of unfeelings or half-feelings of life, to recognize it when found, and to accept the consequences of the discovery, draws lines upon the smoothest brow, while it quickens the light of the eyes; it is a pursuit which is alternately bewildering, debasing, and exalting ... Much depended, as usual, upon the interpretation of the word love; which word came up again and again ... and in each case it seemed to stand for something unmistakable and something not to be passed by. ... the confusion of lives which, instead of running parallel, had suddenly intersected each other, ... she seemed to convince herself that there was no other light on them than was shed by this strange illumination, and no other path save the one upon which it threw its beams...."

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