Sunday, April 28, 2013


Here's the desperate sleepiness hitting again at 8:48. Will I fall asleep and sleep through the night if I go upstairs and hit the bed now? I will miss all the Sunday night shows.

Oh, and here is Cooder looking for we-all-know-what.

This is Iris' kitty, MeeMee, getting ready for dinner, evidently.

Not really sure why, but I am quite cranky this evening. Maybe it is being a bit sleep deprived. I am already, only 15 minutes later, coming up and out of my peak sleepiness. 

I did some work on the kids research project today, and editing on Monsterwood. I was up early to this morning and started tonight's dinner. But then the weather was good so M and J decided that it was time to fire up the bbque.
A man at his grill (with steak).
Let the outdoor eating begin!

After dinner I finally went out to get some morning glory seeds planted in the new bed. One is supposed to soak them for 24-48 hours, and that time having passed, I thought I should get on it, though I was already ready for chilling out. Emmylou is severly vexed that she cannot join in in the outdoor festivities. I looked up from the flowerbed to see this in the dining room window.

Is that a sad sight? Emmy was particularly annoyed that Albert was allowed to hang out on the deck during dinner while she was constrained in the screened-in porch. Oh woe is she.

Hopefully, my grumpiness will have passed by tomorrow.

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