Wednesday, May 2, 2012



I know it has been quite awhile since I have posted. There have been some serious challenges in my life of late. Writing about this part of the journey did not seem prudent in a public forum. I am by no means out of the dangerous woods yet, but I do miss the practice. When I check in here, I hold myself to a different accountability.

So, the short version is: still in Brooklyn (yay!), still looking for work. The cats are good. I've been downsizing in a good way and the process is becoming clearer and somewhat easier. I haven't been reading much, nor taking pictures, nor walks. 

I had a vintage item stoop sale.

Made some bucks and got rid of some stuff that day although I still have plenty of tablecloths. John and Betts helped me out.

Here's Emmy today. She actually jumped into my lap for a few minutes the other day, and this morning she sat on me while I was still in bed. Maybe she'll be a cuddly kitty after.

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  1. great to have you back in any form Miss Sallyanne